RWCMD-in-Residence, a new partnership with Penarth Pier Pavilion.

This Spring, Penarth Pier Pavilion is working in collaboration with RWCMD on a new RWCMD-in-Residence programme. The Residency will involve music workshops and performances for all ages and audiences!

Little Concerts

Discover the wonderful world of the harp and classical guitar in this joyous and interactive chamber music concert.

Perfect for families and specifically designed around the learning styles of under-5’s. Little Concerts are hour-long events, with no segment longer than four minutes. Children participate with movement and art which expand their understanding of the music and instruments.

The first Little Concert is on Sunday 12th February 2023, 2pm to 3pm (doors open 1.30pm). Tickets are £5.95 per child + booking fee. Children to be accompanied by a maximum of 2 adults. You can find out more information and book here

What parents are saying about Little Concerts: 

I loved how the children were just so captivated by the music. I really wasn’t expecting that. She spent the whole time just transfixed. It was really accessible for them. It was gorgeous – that song towards the end. Could we just have that every evening at our house?  

I really liked the interactive activities on top of the music. I kind of assumed that we would be just listening to the music. It was really nice, that other level of engagement and stimulation. 

I like the interactive new composition where the children pointed out what they wanted to hear. That was good. Instant feedback! 

Really different. It’s lovely that its tailored completely for the children and they can do whatever they want and get completely involved. He loved it. 

Really thoroughly enjoyed the concert and lovely to have a relaxing afternoon with the children. 

I thought it was wonderful, all the interactive things for the little ones. My daughter really loved listening to that piece with the lights on the ceiling. Oh, she was so relaxed all the way through. 

It was really nice to watch her be still and listen to the music. 

It was really, really good from the point of view of the children but also the adults. 

I really enjoyed all of it and had I lovely time. I’ve never done anything like this before. 

I enjoyed the entire thing. It was quite miraculous. It was done at such a wonderful level for the children and the participation from the children was just lovely to watch. They soaked it up. 

The different activities to involve the children in the different pieces were really well thought through. The activities really complimented the pieces. 

For my older daughter, it is really nice for her to see older young people who are studying different instruments in Cardiff, coming from different places. And my younger child enjoyed being able to get involved with different activities while listening to the music. 

Introducing children to a more classical side of music and some Welsh, was fantastic. And having that interaction with it. Brilliant. 

This event is part of the RWCMD-in-Residence programme, a series of creative projects from Royal Welsh College musicians and recent graduates, presented in partnership with Penarth Pavilion.

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