The Shadow Whose Prey The Hunter Becomes, BAC Review by Tanica Psalmist

‘The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes’ projects insight into the world’s fragmented misconceptions when it comes to disability and how much of this world as a collective perceives ‘difference’ negatively.

Well performed by cast members Simon Laherty , Sarah Mainwaring, & Scott Price from Back to Back theatre company, a neurodiverse theatre company based in Australia.

Each cast members visible disability became heavily overlooked due potent humour, indirect audience rage & views on adaptation, whilst remaining themselves in character. The message elaborated in this production was incredibly touching, inspiring & reflective. The method is simple when they meet in a Town Hall as a trio, to change the way disabled people are viewed, labelled & treated.

The statements highlighted in this play were on derogatory universal language, terminologies towards those who’ve been born with a disability, the internal conflict to why Sarah strongly disliked seeing subtitles up on the screen behind her during the play & her confidence to lead in conversation!

The biggest status quo that lingered during this production was society’s notions about inferiority complex, misfortune, restrictions, exclusion, limitations, various forms of oppression & emotional barriers related to a narrow minded gate thinking, human conditioning & social justice for change.

The Internal questions for the audience explored the framework of re-learning to look beyond the surface & see people as people without critical judgments! The play explores objective thoughts on disability, repositioning power status to embody strength, charisma, leader influence within politics, non – discriminatory job opportunities; free from harassment, pain & societal neglect… I couldn’t agree more!

Most importantly, are the people who’ve labelled themselves as mentally & physically stronger unaware of the rising epidemic ‘intellectual disability’ a phenomenon which’ll dumb down emotions, ability to think & physically restrict human beings from being able to function, haven given too much of their strengths over to the powers that be without a sense of self or acknowledgement on how this phenomenon will impact our future generations wellbeing, health, mental state & cognitive ability.

From Autism, Asberger’s syndrome to other physical & learning disabilities; are we about to realise a major disadvantage due to AI? Will Artificial Intelligence treat disabilities futuristically & Intellectually disable – if so, can it be stopped in time or are we already walking daily towards a tech weapon of mass destruction?

A truly reflective, deep & well performed show to help educate, raise awareness & help create social change amongst communities! This insightful production will be touring to Brighton and Leeds until 5th Nov! Grab a ticket, you won’t regret it ;)).

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