Review Krapka;Koma, Pixi Ink & Cholly, Exchange Bristol by James Ellis

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Within the basement of the evergreen Exchange in Bristol lied a fabulous evening and an important fundraiser. Krapka;Koma from Lviv, Ukraine are on tour, with a stop in Bristol along with some lovely warm up acts, adding to the female led fun.

From London, Cholly started off the night with sweet vocals and an electronic sound hard to resist. With remixes of her cat and some keyboard tricks, she made for a fine opening act of electro pop. Pixi Ink, who has been on tour also, followed with a singing on a resplendent level, awash in it’s soulful luxury. Triphop might just be a new favourite genre for me. Even before the main line up I was really taken with these two artists.

Becky Boo was the VJ for the whole night, adding saturated layers of 90s CGI, cartoons and a vaporwave breeze. Along with the ethereal music, the video work really added an extra dimension to this intimate affair. The weight of the headlines act was felt by everyone present, musicians form Ukraine who are on tour as their country is plagued in war.

Billed as being further trip hop, jazz and electronica, this fitting billing could only affirm the the joy of their music making. How touching it was to see both these marvellous musicians create live music on stage in Bristol, the catchy and softly perfumed sounds filling the space. Even some additional brass was a real nice touch, bass lines and a electric pad drum kit also added to the pot, in their laid back fibre. I didn’t expect their set to be filled with just the right amount of feel good vibes that I think we all need at this harsh corner in our lives. Need I say more?

After their tour and Sofar Sounds concert, we hope a gig in their homeland can be real soon.

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