A BSL Review of The Beauty Parade at The Wales Millenium Centre by Chris Coles.

This is a BSL video review. You can read a written version of the review by Chris below.

Hello my name is Chris Coles, I went to the WMC to watch Beauty Parade. The play itself was about three woman who were spies in World War Two. It showed what life was like being spies, that they don’t live for long during the War, it was a max of 6 weeks if they were lucky.

The play itself was amazing showing the good relationship between deaf people and hearing people can work. Special effect, captions and music were brilliant and written well into this play. I recommend you see this play if you like period drama.

Heather a Deaf friend of Chris also attended, Heather said that it was great to see a Deaf actress in a mainstream production and she enjoyed the way the captions and effects were presented.

The Beauty Parade plays at The Wales Millenium Centre until the 14th of March.

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