Review: Here Comes Your Man, Matt Hoss, Edinburgh Fringe Festival,By Hannah Goslin

 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

Do you recognise the title? Here Comes Your Man comes from a famous Pixie’s song to which our comedian for the night thought was all about love. Yet he has a sore realisation that it is about a murderous homeless person.

So how does he turn this around? Matt Hoss the hopeless romantic bears his soul to us for comedy, telling us about his relationship fails and his hopes for the future.

Matt Hoss is a rapid speaker and at times it we lose the train of thought slightly. This can only be put down to nerves, which we appreciate and are happy to stick with for a funny man.

You cannot help but feel for Hoss – we have all been there, and it being rare for a man to feel so much and to be romantic – any lady would be happy to have him. But his tales are not unusual, but the way he has twisted it and to create a show from it, is.

To turn this into comedy for our enjoyment is brave; he is comical, lovable and fun to be in a room with.

With a little more confidence, Matt Hoss could go far. He is worth checking out for all those who have loved and lost, and need that pick me up!

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