Why working with Yeah Yeah takes you to a Magical Place!

Get the Chance are working with new theatre company YEAH YEAH to support audiences to attend a sharing of an in development piece of work, Magical Place and then discuss their thoughts. The sharing will take place at Chapter Arts Centre on Saturday the 13th July at 7.30pm. Please contact the venue to book a free ticket.

In the article below some of the creative team share their involvement in this new production and why its a must see production!

Hazel Anderson, Director

Hi Hazel, you are the Director of Magical Place how did you come to be involved with the company?

I was recommended to Tori and Morgan. They got in touch with a video of their sharing and the ambition for the piece. I was hooked from the get-go. My back ground is in work that puts the audience in the experience. Where there is no forth wall and the relationship is directly between the performers and the audience. It’s exciting, responsive, and open to anything happening.

Likely Story, Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body, Rachel Otterway Photography

I joined them for phase two of the development and we immediately jumped on to the scanned page, same sense of humour and the same desire to be silly and entertaining for entertainments sake. We explored what could be at the heart of the piece. I was delighted to be invited back to play again.

Why should audiences come and see this new production?

The show Morgan and Tori are creating is a world away from where they started. People should come to see it because it’s going to be fun to watch! An absolutely brilliant 45 mins of pure unadulterated rock and roll and musical escapism! Its a fun, ridiculously funny show with two talented and passionate performers. I’d be hard pushed to believe there isn’t something in it for everyone.

Dan Soley, Composer

Hi Dan you are the Composer of Magical Place how did you come to be involved with the company?

I met Morgan originally whilst we were both working with Hijinx Odyssey on their fab production Second Star to the Right in late 2017.

I think it was a disco track made for synchronised swimming merpeople that caught his ear to begin with. He introduced me to Tori and Yeah Yeah and I’ve collaborated with them since, developing some music and sound ideas for their show.  

Why should audiences come and see this new production?

The rock and musical theatre face-off packs loads of great tunes into this jukebox performance. It’s proven difficult to not have a splitting grin on your face whilst watching what really becomes downright, yet inventive, silliness. But I believe there’s also this kind of beautiful relatability to it all for everyone, which sweetens the package quite wholesomely.

Chelsey Gillard, Dramaturg.

Hi Chelsey you are the Dramaturg of Magical Place how did you come to be involved with the company?

I was invited to see the very first sharing of Magical Place a few years ago. After the sharing I didn’t really know what to say so I went away and had a think about what feedback might be useful to the company. We arranged to meet up a few weeks later and chat about the project. I was really honest about what I liked and disliked about what I had seen and let Yeah Yeah know that I thought they were making something really exciting unlike anything I had ever seen. 

From there we keep chatting about the project and then Yeah Yeah invited me to work with them on their next R&D. Usually I work as a director but I knew on this project I would be more useful as an outside eye or critical friend, checking in with the progress of the project from time to time and asking lots of questions. 

Why should audiences come and see this new production?

This show will make you laugh until you cry. It’s a joyful explosion of music and dancing to some of the very best anthems of rock and musical theatre. Tori and Morgan are full of infectious laughter and genuinely super talented. It will make you feel good and believe anything is possible.


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