REVIEW The Future, Little Bulb Theatre and Farnham Maltings by Tanica Psalmist

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

The Future is a mental stimulating play produced by Little Bulb Theatre and Farnham Maltings. An unpredictable play from the start as the show begins as a Ted Talk, midway forming the group into an in-house rock band followed by patterns of a group of four scientists getting into discussions about the future that awaits for humanity.

The Future is a play that hinders on the state of high intelligence; focusing on the dimensions of technology,  human existence, effects of our minds and ability to face the strength of an unexplainable compacted artificial intelligence world. This play was primarily inspired by the philosophical thinkers, re-discovering the elements of human minds through dark comedy.

During this production we’re gathered by four extremely inquisitive futurologists,  examining aftermath, re-enactment of ancestral fate within the Garden of Eden, role-played out as written in the book of Genesis. A truly, deeply awakening play with a combination of rock opera, hitting various riffs, harmonies and scales. An extremely talented cast with the ability to put on various accents and accelerate in mastering implications for the journey of what is yet to come for human-kind. 

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