Review Earthquakes in London, UWTSD by Hannah Ladd

I was `shook` by the talent UWTSD students presented in their main house production of ‘Earthquakes in London’ by Mike Bartlett! Excellently directed by Iona Hefin, assisted by Kiera Sikora. This piece had my glued to my seat!

This story is unfolded through 3 sisters, an estranged father and an unborn child! Tackling hard hitting, relevant themes including climate change, mental health and modern relationships! With three intertwining storylines this play has many characters to be portrayed making this a perfect and clever choice made by Hefin for the 3rd year Acting students to explore!

As you enter the space you are instantly brought in to an exciting environment because the set for this piece is incredible! The entire theatre is the centre of an earthquake! With three platforms set up for action! Turning a traditional proscenium arch space into reversed thrust production. With the use of projection throughout tying this piece together. The design and production students working on this piece have done exceptional work and are a credit to the production.

Being taken on such an epic journey is a challenge for any group of actors, and the acting students at UWTSD didn’t disappoint. With a cast of 23 working as one, no one dropped the ball. The energy is the room really kept my engaged and interested throughout. With some stand out performances from Emma Davis as Peter/Emily, Ryan Stead as Colin and Grace Hazel Nicholls as Jasmine (cast 2). This group of Acting students should be incredibly proud of the work they have produced.

Grace Hazel Nicholls as Jasmine and Michael Rodney as Tom.

This show wouldn’t have been the epic production it was without Ioan Hefin. His passion to tell this story was filtered throughout. Ioan is truly talented.

This production is one UWTSD should treasure.  

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