Of course i’m hot… i’m 50, yellow coat theatre company, vault festival, by Hannah goslin

 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

When invited to a show called, Of Course I’m Hot… I’m 50, I admit part of me wondered if this was something I was geared for. Would I understand the topics, the references; was this for me? But age really is only a number. 

Of Course I’m Hot… I’m 50! tells the story of a women, her life up to the age of 50 and her struggle with menopause. We meet her family, her friends, her problems, her woes, and her happy moments and lust for life. 

There’s very much a Shirley Valentine feel about the performance – part of this may be down to the main performer’s accent but her address to the audience, her small gestures and facial expressions that are all too real but also at times, all too funny are very much like Pauline Collins in the outstanding role. We even hear the real truths and thoughts behind verbal actions – an ‘I love you’ had a different meaning to her, and we get the sense of settlement and a time that had more ease with saying yes than no. 

Other performers dip in and out as different characters, all changing their persona and address to her, but our eyes are transfixed on the main character. She’s our story.

The topic of menopause is something that begins and ends this piece. We hear more of information and facts, that even I didn’t know. And soon it’s an informative production as well as an interesting and fun one!

There is the right amount of comedy verses tragedy – audiences are cackling with laughter but also broken in tears, as reality of losing your mum and the passing of time becomes all too real for us. It really is an emotional rollercoaster – just what you want from a piece. 

Of Course I’m Hot… I’m 50 is a lovely, heartfelt play that despite my concerns, is in fact for women of any age, and I would say, an important play for all women to see.  I came away with new information as well as what felt was a new friend. 

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