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Candid is performed and written by Aaron Lambert, the play foretells Aaron Lamberts internal story from when he was a boy developing in to a young man finding herself, feeling disconnected to society due to affiliated labels of homosexuals by judgmental critics in his community and around the world. We see how the fate of past homosexual artists, activists, leaders and playwrights was a gateway for him to not live up to expectations from society, but redeem strength  from their efforts to be an overcomer. His performance cultivates awareness of a captivating society that’s held within a social culture, easily lost and withdrawn from the torment inflicted in to young, homosexual black males, who may also be struggling to adjust to life, fitting into stereotypes.

Candid is a personal, emotionally engaging solo play. An autobiographical journey expressing discrimination, family acceptance, school struggles, judgments and how being a homosexual, black male provokes the fear of coming out even worse. This play is a testimonial in to what homosexual  individuals’ life can detect growing up unsupported, alone, feeling detached from home, social life and school feeing different and ashamed with deserted family members.

This production contained documented footage of various people speaking out on the matter via BBC documentaries and  radio host shows. Aaron smartly used the recordings to make remarks on past victims who have had their lives lost too soon through murder in the States, England and Jamaica.

Candid is fused with dance, projections, taboos and examining biblical scriptures which plays a part in the foundation of the matter.    This production is enticed with intimate real life moments and genuine emotions.


Tanica Psalmist.

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  1. Another nice review Tanica. I hope Emily Garside doesn’t notice your usage of the word homosexual. It got me into no end of trouble!

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