Review Everything I Am, Camden Peoples Theatre by Tanica Psalmist.

Everything I Am is played and written by Natasha Simone, the play features a series of events based on her life as a young black women who’s queer, West Indian, feminist, Kayne-West fanatic and a university student finding her identity, contemplating acceptance of her sexuality from her homophobic family and dealing with black stereotypes from ignorantly racist peers.

The play is a solo act theming controversy, members of both the LGBT society and African Caribbean society; the disputes from how being a member of both societies aspired, confessions, ultra ego of celebrity Kanye guiding her through as the king of speaking his mind, whilst applying for the role of student welfare officer at the same time.

Solo act Natasha Simone, does a tremendous job roleplaying via characterisation techniques and giving the audience an insight into what her peers, family members, friends and associates were like. There are cues of her dealing with peer pressure and insensitivity by her privileged peers. The ambience sets the perfect mood when switching in-between characters and transitioning back to herself.

Intensive discussions from opposing peers on feminism arose, during an African Caribbean society meet-up, who described the movement as a white curse to prevent the sisters from sticking by their brothers; stirring rational comebacks from Natasha Simone, escalating to a heated conversation which could either make or break her.

Everything I am is a raw performance that is relatable, debatable and sincere. Natasha Simone is hysterically funny. Her play is deeply original and moving, based primarily on the exploration of identity, celebrity worship and power.

Tanica Psalmist.

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