Review WOLAB and Theatre N16, Bunker Theatre by Tanica Psalmist

It was amazing to witness WOLAB in partnership with N16 work alongside ten incredibly talented, young actor-writers. The artists involved in the inaugural showcase fused comedy, culture, pleasure, romance, passion and open, homosexual relationship scenes. It wasn’t a space of shyness, politeness, but real lived matters daily presented in our everyday lives.

The diversity of the artists set strong, ethnic and authentic scenes. Some artists had shown they were bilingual and had incorporated traditional elements when exploiting their culture, whether it was an Asian lady eating with chop sticks or a Ghanaian guy imitating his native accent when impersonating his mum, all of these aspects stimulated the power of culture and acceptance of each artist’s differences inputted in to their plays.

The proactivity of their self-created work reflected in their monologues and co-written duologues exhibiting the nature of power when creative voices work together to combine their time, energy and respect for each other. The artists were enthusiastic, contagious and hysterically funny, having the audiences crying with laughter. No-matter how big or small the topics were the artists ability to create an effect or mood to their individual or double acts stimulated feelings that successfully moved the audience one way or another, which was impeccable!

The running order consisted of fifteen mini plays, which transitioned majestically when going in to the next play constructively.   The professionalism, tightness and energy were phenomenal! There was minor props usage so the fact they created engaging, captivating scenes with mostly just their energy was entertaining and fun to watch. ‘WOLAB’ is a brilliant platform for all young, talented artists to create in a space that clearly accept all ideas and offers fantastic opportunities for all emerging artists to perform to the best of their ability. I thoroughly enjoyed watching!

 Tanica Psalmist.

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