Review Albany Gallery Exhibition, Artists: David Barnes, Aled Prichard Jones, Stephen Yardley by Niamh Mannion

Albany Gallery Exhibition: DAVID BARNES, ALED PRICHARD JONES, STEPHEN YARDLEY       – By Niamh Mannion

Artists: David Barnes, Aled Prichard Jones, Stephen Yardley

Dates: 12th April 2018 to 5th May 2018

(Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm / Sunday & Bank Holidays: 11am – 4pm)

Location: 74b Albany Road Cardiff CF24 3RS

Albany Gallery really is a hidden gem of Cardiff. Situated on Albany Road, their latest exhibition featuring the stunning landscapes of Wales transported me from the hustle and bustle of inner city Cardiff to the mountainous landscapes of North Wales and the South Wales coastline.

David Barnes’s landscapes focus on the mountains of Snowdonia, along with the North Wales coast line and Anglesey. Barnes’s landscapes are stylised, placing domestic situations within the rugged beauty of North Wales. Texture is a large component in Barnes’s work, further complementing the rugged nature of the mountainous landscapes. However, Barnes places importance on the domestic landscape also. The soulful and characterful depiction of the home within Barnes’s work contrasts well with the natural surroundings. Indeed, my favourite work of the entire exhibition was ‘Snowdonian Winter’, depicting the comfort of the domestic sphere in contrast to the harshness of the natural world.

Loch Broom / 14x20ins / David Barnes

Similarly to Barnes, Pritchard Jones’s work focuses on the mountainous landscapes of North Wales. The striking landscapes are impressive in scale and a comprised of layered, neutral toned, indistinguishable thick brush strokes. When viewed from a distance the brush strokes inhabit a wild and imposing landscape. Pritchard Jones achieves the delicate balance of presenting a recognisable welsh mountainous landscape, whilst also injecting a feeling of wilderness in the pieces. The depiction of rock and reflection along with the use of shadow gives the work an atmosphere of the untamed.

Cwm Idwal / 60x60cm / Alun Pritchard Jones

In contrast to the work of Barnes and Pritchard Jones, Yardley’s work focuses on the natural landscape of South Wales. Yardley’s landscapes focus on close up depictions of sea and woodland landscapes. These pieces are far less stylised than the other artists, exhibiting delicate brush strokes, dappled with delicate greens and blues. Yardley’s work is underscored by a multitude of both tone and texture, with complements the wild aspect of nature, but also the beauty of the natural world.

Warm Afternoon / 50×50 / Stephen Yardley

To find out more about the exhibition you can visit The Albany Gallery website here:


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