Collaborating with Motherlode, RCT Theatres and Taking Flight Theatre Company to develop a Welsh Critical Network.

Get the Chance has collaborated with Motherlode, RCT Theatres and Taking Flight Theatre Company  to run a series of free ‘Get the Chance to be a theatre critic’ workshops, participants also accessed the rehearsal process and public performances. Get the Chance was able to run this activity with the support of partners and through funding from Arts Council Wales Sharing Together. “A strategic initiative to encourage the development of networking opportunities.”

During this activity a free workshop took place at The Coliseum Theatre in Aberdare. During the workshop we discussed the role of the critic, differing methods of giving critical feedback and the role of the press and marketing department. Those attending were strong advocates for arts venues and cultural provision in general.

After the workshop we spent time in the rehearsal room with Motherlode who were developing their new production, ‘Exodus’. This gave us a unique insight into the development of the companies work.

The workshop participants are all excellent examples of Creative Citizens. Get the Chance is developing a socially engaged, democratic audience development model called Creative Citizens Cymru. Many of the fundamental principles of this model are very similar to the principal goals of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act.

You can read a write-up of the workshop by Vicky Lord at the link below.
Get the Chance works in collaboration with a range of individual creatives, companies and organisations in order to achieve our aim of “Creating opportunities for a diverse range of people to experience and respond to sport, arts, culture and live events.” We would like to thank Rachel Boulton, Artistic Director, Motherlode and Nia Wyn Skyrme- Freelance Producer/ Promoter for their statements of support relating to this activity below.

“Motherlode is all about removing barriers to theatre, making entertaining work with a political edge that our friends, neighbours and families can enjoy in a collective experience. In a quick survey we asked 100 women in Wales “Does theatre represent your world view?” 13% said yes, the other half said no, and the other half said they don’t go to the theatre. While this research needs more fleshing out, there’s a problem here with who we’re currently making theatre for and who we’re making it with…Get The Chance is vital to shifting how we talk about theatre, who gets to talk about theatre, and who decides what should be on our stages. It encourages local people to take ownership of their venues and creates a safe environment where communities can take risks and express themselves through sports, culture and live events, regardless of background.”
Rachel Boulton, Artistic Director, Motherlode

“I have been working as a freelance producer for over a year, and I have worked with Get the Chance with almost all the productions I’ve been involved with, as we share a passion for co-working, sharing ideas and contacts and creating active creative citizens in different communities across Wales.
It’s been very valuable working with an organisation like Get the Chance. Arranging reviewers, interviews and specific workshops raising the company’s profile and excellent promotion, sharing ideas and giving advice. Get the Chance have also brokered relationships with their members to become Local Promoters in different areas across Wales.”
Nia Wyn Skyrme- Freelance Producer/ Promoter

We have also recently ran a workshop in collaboration with Taking Flight Theatre Company. We ran a free ‘Get the Chance to be a theatre critic workshop’ on July the 11th at Cyfarthfa Museum. The workshop was attended by a youth group from Merthyr Tydfil. We discussed a range of areas of cultural provision and the participants then went to see Taking Flights production of The Tempest. Their reviews will follow soon!
Thanks to Beth House, Creative Producer, Taking Flight Theatre Company for supporting this activity.

“Collaborating with Get The Chance has been really exciting for us and I feel like we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what might be possible in terms of working together and developing new arts professionals- and moreover broadening audiences. Thus far, we have been able to tap into groups who have traditionally been excluded from training as well as arts opportunities, often because of access requirements or other barriers. The work I have seen Guy do has inspired groups to think critically about the arts they consume and to want more. We are extremely hopeful that we can seek new ways to go even further with this partnership. More joined up working like this is definitely needed in Wales!”
Beth House, Creative Producer, Taking Flight Theatre Company

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