Review La Voix Humaine by Helen Joy

 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Location: Her apartment, in Penarth

The party, the At Home invitation, the Do I know You routine

The glass of fizz, the canapé

The uncomfortable seating of the unknown faces

The nervous conversations, the couples chatting together apart

The admiring of the view from the windows

Lovely Weather. Yes.

Are we participants? Voyeurs? Witnesses to a woman collapsing in front of us.

Seeing her destroy herself. Hearing her pain.

Afterwards, What friends were we? We let her do it. We watched.

The clinical beauty of a voice heartbroken had sung out of the windows and over the water.

We left

Event:             La Voix Humane
At:                   A flat in Penarth
Production:         Wales Millennium Centre and Welsh National Opera for Festival of the Voice
Director:               David Pountney
Voix:                        Claire Booth
Music:                     Ricordi
Translation:        Richard Stokes
Seen:              7.45pm, 3rd June, 2016
Reviewer:      Helen Joy for 3rd Act Critics
Running:        03 Jun – 11 Jun 2016

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