Review Yuri August 012 by Kaitlin Wray

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Who is Yuri?……
This main theme ran throughout the whole show. Conversely even though the theme shows uncertainty and tension, August012 brought this play to life. This highly entertaining and comedic show was perfect for what I needed, to sit back and just have a good laugh. The story depicts a couple who are unable to get pregnant. Then, Yuri appears into their lives, but who is Yuri?……
The chemistry between the three actors is perfect and while each of them had strong stage presence, they don’t take over from each other. Carys Eleri, playing Adele, proved her diverse talent as she showed us a woman who can go from being ditsy, to alluring and then to completely crazy. Carys’ character was strong throughout and she was a pleasure to watch. Ceri Murphy, playing Patrick, is generally the only sane one throughout the whole performance, trying to understand what is going on. His struggles of trying to get to grips with who Yuri is, and trying to calm down Adele is very amusing to watch. His audience interaction was hilarious and he lured us in completely. Saying all that, the dynamics with both Adele’s and Patrick’s characters towards Yuri was the most entertaining to watch. Guto Wynne Davies, playing Yuri, didn’t say anything for 3/4 of the show but was fascinated on his balloon, and at the word ‘raffle’. Even though his character lacked in words, he wasn’t the less amusing to watch.
The comedic timing in this show was perfect throughout, it was evident that they spent hour upon hour making sure everything was in sync. The aesthetics of the performance were equally incredible, the set, the sound and the lighting were all well thought out and planned and they even added little perks by using silver confetti to represent water. However, even though this is a naturally funny show, there is still that one lingering question that will stay with you. Who is Yuri?….
This is a show that is enjoyable, pleasing to the eye and leave’s you walking out of the auditorium feeling glad to have experienced it.

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