Preview Date Night Double Dipp Sherman Cymru by Louise Apperley

Young Critic Louise Apperley was lucky enough to sit in on a preview of Date Night earlier this week at Sherman Cymru 
The comedy Date Night is a light-hearted comedy which dives into the complexity of the characters and their humorous relationships in three different dating scenarios.
The scene is set as the three different date nights take place. Firstly the sleazy bar with crude entertainment (no place to take a lady). Secondly a very gay and very fabulous bar for very fabulous men looking for love, which I couldn’t ‘bear’ to finish. The final date is at a theatre where the play is so annoyingly contemporary that the couple of watching may be put off for a long time , as the story develops we find out that the husband  may never want to leave his house again due to pure embarrassment. You need to watch it to find our more!
The set is cleverly thought out. All that we see are some chairs and a few props to create a fully functional set that successfully achieves the look of a date night. Three different locations are displayed through the world of the play allowing you to be immersed in’ the characters lives and hilarious relationships.
The comedy was an excellently performed, by a strong cast that worked well together. The brilliantly written dialogue with its quick and witty humour really carried this show. The characters pull the audience in, never really taking a serious tone, or if it ever did it was quickly shut down by the writers quick humour and the occasional faulty zipper! The comedy displayed really carried this show, I really wanted to learn more about these hilarious characters.
I would definitely recommend this play but maybe not to anyone who could get easily offended due to the threat of a faulty zipper!

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