Review Flossy and Boo, WMC by Kaitlin Wray

Flossy and Boo, a devised performance from two talented girls, Anja Conti and Laura Jeffs. Their bio, “Flossy & Boo’s Fantastical, Mystical, Wonderous, Fantabulous, Tremendous, Stupendous Curiosity Shop” is exactly what it says in the tin. This is a performance that will leave you with a smile on your face and a catchy tune in your head.
Performing on the Glanfa stage in the Wales Millennium Stadium, Flossy and Boo entertained the ever-growing audience with tales of their journeys, humorous poems and even songs they composed themselves.
Their characters were well-developed with Flossy (Anja Conti) being the sure leader of the two and Boo, (Laura Jeffs) being the ditsy, loveable one. Their chemistry together and the difference in characters worked well on stage and created on-going humour for the audience. Furthermore it was evident that they put countless hours in perfecting their script and performance due to how well in sync they were with each other.
Both Anja and Laura had impressive voices, showcasing not only different accents but their singing style. Their harmonies were wonderful and was also in-keeping with their comedy of their characters.
This show relied heavily on audience interaction as they got both adults and children up onto the stage and even got the whole audience creating sound effects. They kept in control of their audience and managed to improvise their way into dealing with over-excitable children exceptionally especially well when they were just too excited to even sit down.
I would highly recommend seeing this energetic and exhilarating performance, it was visually and acoustically pleasing and it is a perfect show for any age.
You can find more information on upcoming shows on their website.

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