Review Romeo and Juliet, Sherman Cymru by Tanisha Fair

Photo Credit Mark Douet
I recently had the opportunity to go and watch Romeo and Juliet on the 3th October in the Sherman Theatre, my initial thoughts on the play was that it would be boring as I had studied it in school and couldn’t really understand the language or the story line. Upon seeing this performance has completely changed my perspective of Shakespeare and how the language is spoken. This modernized twist on Romeo and Juliet really is quite a smart one as it enables you to really get to grasp and understand the world of the play.
From the start of the production as soon as I heard a voice from the back of the theatre and heard the lines ‘Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene’ my heart was filled with excitement and eagerness to see how this was going to be played. I think that each character each play the part incredibly well, especially Nurse played by Anita Reynolds, the way she adapted her character in a modernized way with her very bright pink track suit and high-heeled trainers made me laugh all the way through from her body language to her facial expressions.
Another actor I thought gave and outstanding performance was Mercutio played by Scott Reid, as I didn’t know much about him as a character before I watched the play. He really showed what it is like to be a true friend to Romeo and a slight bromance between the two of them from him jumping into his arms, his body language and facial expressions showed a completely different story from his very first moments on stage to his very last.
Each actor played his own part and they all played them perfectly, Romeo (Chris Gordon) & Juliet’s (Sophie Melville) chemistry was one to remember, from the first time they meet each other and their eyes meet to their first kiss so passionate and full of love to their very last day.
The background of the play was modernized as the top of the set with ripped down posters was lifted up to revel a stunning balcony and down below they were able to transform what looked very boring and grey into every scene in the world of Verona.
The costumes were also very modern but had that Elizabethan taste about them. My favourite outfit would be Juliet’s dress in the party scene, her pink princess dress and red doctor martens really made her have that edgy effect. Also Romeo had that edgy look with his long black hooded jacket. One of my favourite outfits would have been Mercutio I loved his whole look and how he portrayed himself. My favourite scene would have been the party scene I loved the music and the way they danced it was really effective and creative.

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