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No Fit State Circus perform Bianco at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. ©Richard Davenport 13
Photograph credit R Davenport.
Bianco’, performed by ‘No Fit State Circus’ was the last show I went to see at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I left the circus tent shaking in awe. When a performance has given you a lump in your throat that makes it hard to even cheer or clap, you know they have done well. Every section beautifully designed that was enhanced by the power of the live band.
There were no individual stars but an ensemble of talented performers, each bringing their own expertise to the stage. Even though this was a stereotypical contemporary circus show, they brought so much emotion to the way they performed that it stood out from any other circus acts. The music and the lyrics especially helped create this emotion and made mini-narratives for each section. There were moments in this show where I felt I’d left reality behind and stepped into a dream. It was aesthetically pleasing in every sense that I couldn’t believe it was happening before me. I never wanted it end. What was more interesting is that I felt like I was part of the production myself. The constant change of positions to re-arrange the performance space made it become even more immersive. Sometimes it took away from the essence of fantasy, yet it was necessary.
It was evident that every aspect of the show was well thought out and infused with professionalism. Every person so physically fit it was inspiring to watch. Overall ‘No Fit State Circus’ is heightened with pure talent, innovative imagery and a set to be admired at. Step into this tent and leave reality behind.

2 thoughts on “Review Bianco No Fit State Circus”

  1. Hey Kaitlin, some really evocative observations here, nice work! But I wondering, in your mind, what defines a ‘stereotypical’ contemporary circus performance? Did you see any other circus based shows at the Fringe? I found there was quite a range! If you’re interested, do check out the reviews and articles at – I’d welcome your comments! 🙂

  2. Hello Katharine
    For me personally it is a performance with acrobatics, tight ropes and slapstick comedy. It is juggling and people flying through the air on ropes. I didn’t get to see any other circus acts at the fringe, I didn’t realise there were any others playing as I would have loved to seen them. The last circus act I went to see was last year, (I can’t remember what its called) and it was thrilling but there was no emotion behind it, which isn’t a bad thing. I put contemporary circus as I picture a real circus using animals which I thank god we don’t do anymore.
    I do realise now that I haven’t seen that many circus performances this past year to call Bianco ‘stereotypical’ so apologies for that.
    I will do aswell!
    Many thanks for your comment.

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