Review ‘An Audience with Shurl’ Sue Bevan by Kaitlin Wray

‘An Audience with Shurl’, the first ever show I went to see at the Edinburgh fringe festival. This performance hit me unexpectedly. The once bubbly energetic Sue Began, making us all crease with laughter changed so dramatically it felt like I stepped into a different performance. I realised the comedy we once originally saw, was really just a mask to her true self underneath that we were now invited to step into. Even though the topics raised wasn’t something I could feel empathetic towards, the way Susan spoke so passionately about her past, made my heart wrench out.
This one woman show, written and directed entirely by the wonderful Sue Bevan herself, had me on the edge of my seat throughout. She showed me a true insight to her life growing up. This bittersweet play was storytelling at it’s finest. Can’t wait to see more of Susan’s productions in the future.

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