Review Henna Night, 3 Crate Productions by Lois Arcari

Hannah Lloyd and Emma Macnab, given the unenviable task of carrying the show on their shoulders, rose to the challenge; with both  actresses very good at portraying the  flaws and strengths of two very different women, and showing annoyance blossoming into understanding; perfectly asking questions about the nature of female hostility and empathy alike, tipping from understated to heavy handed in the writing a little jarringly.

The themes themselves, however, are generally under-represented, and it was good to see them as the whole basis of a play, when they are themes that so many writers don’t acknowledge as important or interesting.
The set design was well tailored to the play, believable; but also a physical representation of the divide between the two, with all its scattered mess.
The writing was its biggest strength and downfall, as although it was often witty and cutting, some of the dialogue seemed the sort of dialogue too sweeping not to be reserved for fiction, and seeing how much of a negative influence their boyfriend had become, rather, than  just hearing how good he was supposed to be, made you wonder why he was attractive to either woman in the first place.
It also felt like it was over far too soon because of the constricting time frame, but that may, again, be a symbol of how cut off the two were, even with their friendship.
Overall, a generally sharp comedy that had some important themes, even when the dialogue sometimes carried them a little too heavily in places, had some wry jokes and talented actresses, and felt, like it should have, as a snapshot easily lifted from reality.

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