Ruffstylz TCWA2014 Rap Lyrics

We have had requests for the lyrics from Ruffstylz TCWA2014 Rap so please find it in all its glory below!
For the second year it is with the greatest support
The Theatre Critics Of Wales Awards
Welcome to a world of world/Many rabbitholes
That show what we have at home stands its own to match the globe
These Living Pictures we live in when we visit ’em are limitless
A visionary link to our religion
As we hand shape our urges ’cause Praxis Makes Perfect
Let’ celebrate the landmarks on the landscape we’ve furnished
Classic opera filled the stage/So did ballet
We can even innovate in No Fit State
It’s a Sherman tank that whirrs and cranks with steel traction
And drives off the middle of the road to find real passion
So our Waking Exploits/Stimulating like sex toys
Activating the bed’s noise/Making the legs moist
For ugly matters we sing a Bloody Ballad
But if you want some lovely action in a cuddly fashion
Here Be Monsters Sleeping Beauties and Silly Kings
Colourful fun like silly string as we stay addicted to delivering
New types of life’s depth yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg
Theatr Genedlaethol/Clwyd/Tonypandy-monium/A nice spread
The next Chapter in our Art’s Centred around you
And you and you and you too with you too
Gather up actors dancers emcees and others too
And use the country as a stage like NTW
So let the Earthfall and planets shift out of balance
Manipulating thoughts into matter/Talent
Being part of the never ending quest for true art
‘Cause it’s like being shot in the chest with a new heart
That’s why we push to make things we’ve never seen ever in our lives
Then equal it eleven times along Parallel Lines
Now we’re all filled up with petrol and ready for the next road
But for now let’s be amazed at our achievements/Let’s go
2x Longest Freestyle Rap world record holder (17 hours)
Associated Minds
The Zeitgeist Movement (Cardiff Chapter)
Facebook – Zeitgeist Cardiff

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