Grimm Tales Theatr Iolo by Malikah Saba

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and Theatr Iolo produced the magical stories of the Grimm Brothers which included the tales of Ashputtel which is the original Cinderella story, and Hansel and Gretel, which I saw at Sherman Cymru, Cardiff.
The production consisted of just four actors, who played all the designated roles simultaneously. This was by far the best show presented. It offered goriness, fear and appraisable imagination. It took a turn back in time; rather than showing the predictable show of lust, hope and forgiveness, it allowed for the younger audience to be revealed ever so gently to the disappointments and punishments of life. It had many memorising moments within the production, alongside many frightening parts, such as the birds pecking the eyes out of the two step sisters. Although the production was aimed at a young audience, it gave them the chance to relate to mature content. The gasps in the audience indicated that the audience was surprised each time the play took a new turning. It was a chance for the 21st century audience to see a combination of modern with traditional. The play elegantly summed up the original story of the Grimm Brothers with the appropriate level of obscurity.
Overall the production was a great success, as it intrigued the audience; it allowed the audience to search their imagination and come up with their own twists and outcomes of the play.

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