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Review A Sunny Disposition The Other Room by Caitlin Finn


A Vlog review by Young Critic Caitlin Finn of A Sunny Disposition written/directed by Nicola Reynolds, The Other Room, Porters Cardiff.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

A Sunny Disposition, The Other Room, Porters, Cardiff.

Charlie – Neal McWilliams

Creative Team:
Director – Nicola Reynolds
Designer – Amy Jane Cook
Lighting Designer – Jane Lalljee
Sound Designer – Matthew Jones
Stage Manager – Lauren Dennis
Assistant Director – Alex Parry
Photographer – Aenne Pallasca

Review Sand The Other Room By Caitlin Finn

Sand - Sara Lloyd-Gregory 2 (credit Aenne Pallasca)

All photographic credits Aenne Pallasca

For those of you that didn’t know, there was a last minute recast for this one-woman play. Because of this, the actress, Sara Lloyd-Gregory, had only been learning the part for a week prior to the performance that I saw. I’ll admit I was very hesitant as to how professional the acting would be as Sara would perform script in hand. I was worried that it would be too clinical or too choppy. However, I was SO wrong about this! Sara is such an amazing actress and she didn’t even seem to reference to the script until the latter half of the play which was extremely impressive.

Sand was a heart breaking tale that had you hooked before the first word was even spoken.

Sand - Sara Lloyd-Gregory 4 (credit Aenne Pallasca)

The set itself was designed so effectively with four ‘light tunnels’ surrounding Sara. They gave a futuristic effect with supported the plot so well. The way that Katy Morison, the lighting designer, arranged how to adjust the lighting along with the script was done beautifully and kept you interested.

The wording used during the play was extremely powerful into hinting to the deeper plot, especially the differentiation in pronoun use.

Sand is definitely a performance that I would highly recommend, whether it’s something you would be interested in purely for entertainment, or even if you are a writer yourself and want to pick up some inspiration from wonderfully unique productions. I have only seen two productions from The Other Room and, in all honesty, I am already completely hooked on the atmosphere and the pure talent.



Sara Lloyd-Gregory

Photo Credits:

Aenne Pallasca

Creative Team:

Director – Kate Wasserberg
Designer – Amy Jane Cook
Design Assistant – Oliver Harman Assistant Director – Bruno León Cháves Lighting Designer – Katy Morison Season Sound Designer – Dyfan Jones Sound Design – Sam Jones

Production Stage Manager – Steffi Pickering Assistant Stage Manager – Izzy Rabey Scenic Construction – Eifion Porter

Review Play/Silence by Caitlin Finn

Silence - Peta Cornish, Neal McWilliams, Matthew  Bulgo

I recently went to The Other Room Theatre based in Porter’s, Cardiff to see Play by Samuel Beckett and Silence by Harold Pinter, a breathtaking double-bill. The venue itself was very quirky, it almost felt like a step back in time to a medieval era yet it still felt modern and kind of had a tumblr aspect. The venue felt very exclusive with The Other Room being like a secret part of Porter’s.


As soon as you enter the auditorium the scene is set with a dark, eerie atmosphere with the room slowly filling with a haunting smoke. There was also some darkly enchanting music by composition and sound designer Dyfan Jones to set the mood for the show to commence. The show itself was a simple setup as you can see in the image below.

Play - Victoria John, Matthew Bulgo, Peta Cornish 1

It was fast-paced and I found it very immersive. As simple as the setup was it was very effective. It had a humorous tone to it which lightened the tone just enough. The play had slight repetition to it which can almost make you question your own state of mind and definitely made you stop and think.


This was for sure my favourite of the two, with it taking a more traditional stage presence with the actors being free to move among the stage. When you walk in the setting is much brighter than that of the previous play, yet it still leaves a mysterious and almost gloomy effect for the audience, leaving you anticipating what’s to come in the following performance.

Silence - Matthew Bulgo, Peta Cornish, Neal  McWilliams

The production itself was minimalistic and the majority of the dialogue was a single narrative which made it feel as though the character was speaking directly to you, making you feel like part of the scene. When the characters did interact with each other their dialogue and movements on stage flowed into doing so with a seamless elegance. I found that the play had the effect of a calming plea of insanity and love and was executed beautifully.

Cast & Creatives

W2 (Play) Victoria John
W1 (Play) / Ellen (Silence) Peta Cornish
M (Play) / Rumsey (Silence) Matthew Bulgo
Bates (Silence) Neal McWilliams
Director (Play) Kate Wasserberg
Director (Silence) Titas Halder
Designer Amy Jane Cook
Stage Manager Steffi Pickering
Lighting Designer Katy Morison
Composition and Sound Design Dyfan Jones
Assistant Director Izzy Rabey

Images courtesy of Pallasca Photography