Review Tiger Bay The Musical, Wales Millennium Centre by Ceri Ann Goddard

(The review below is from a preview performance, accessed through Spice Time Credits)

So off I went out out (no slippers) for my first Spice Time Credit spend in several months. It was so good to get out, I’ve been bit unwell again, just coming through the other side, treats like this make recovery fun and what better way than to go and see a fab new show like Tiger Bay The Musical  with friends and family thanks to Spice Cardiff and the Wales Millennium Centre.

Tiger Bay is a beautifully crafted musical based in Cardiff around the boom time of the coal industry. Its about the people who lived and worked there, tales of love, hardship, hope and tragedy (be prepared to experience a gamut of emotions). John Owen Jones voice is commanding and lyrical, it was so lovely, Dom Hartley Harris voice is like velvet, ‘Ianto’ is played by a little star to be and Noel Sullivan got the best boo as a baddy I’ve heard since I saw the Baron in La Traviata.

Suzanne Packer back to a Kairdiff accent as not seen on Casualty was excellent, her part induced some lovely giggles and we forget at times the lady is an accomplished and talented singer, an excellent performance by all.
The staging itself is incredibly clever, with a few set pieces that move and it immediately changes the scenery and ambiance, one minute you are on a ship by the dock, the next inside a local hostelry and the next inside a castle.

I think my favourite part was the stage lighting, I certainly applaud the director/designer of that, the intense lighting/spotlighting and placement of the actors and other players induced dramatic silhouettes (the smoking lady in Morgans) or made it seem like there were three times as many people on the stage, (triple shadows), the sinister giant stretched shadows in the darker scenes, it was an excellent bit of staging.

The choreography and choral arrangements and orchestra were amazing, some parts where you have a three different singers I think its called polyphonic chorus, didn’t always work for me and I lost the story but I soon caught up, however you cannot deny its very clever and brilliantly technical and all credit to the professionalism of the cast and indeed the very young cast that these choral sections were so superb.
So any negatives?, I have to say yes, it’s slightly too long, I’m disabled and sitting for three hours can be uncomfortable, I was getting quite fidgety towards the end, not because I’d lost interest, but because I had a numb bottom and a complaining hip. I think some of the linking to scenes was tenuous and some overlong, but really its a tiny complaint and did not deter my enjoyment of the show. I truly recommend you get a ticket to go if you can, it was a really lovely evening, whats not to enjoy about being entertained by a well written show performed by talented people?

Bravo, I say Bravo!

Ceri Ann Goddard


Ensemble — Jamal Andréas

Rowena Pryddy — Vikki Bebb

Leonora Piper — Liz May Brice

Donkeyman / Ensemble — Lee Dillon-Stuart

Cadi / Ensemble — Lucy Elson

Ensemble — Kit Esuruoso

Ensemble — Soophia Foroughi

Mali / Ensemble — Zoe George

Donkeyman / Ensemble — Daniel Graham

Themba — Dom Hartley-Harris

Ianto — Louise Harvey

Ianto — Ruby Llewelyn

Lowri / Ensemble — Elin Llwyd

Ensemble — Carl Man

First Mate / Locke — Rhidian Marc

Ensemble — Kayed Mohamed-Mason

Klondike Ellie / Ensemble — Busisiwe Ngejane

John Stuart — John Owen-Jones

Marisha / Ensemble — Suzanne Packer

Fezile / Ensemble — Luvo Rasemeni

Yusef Mohamed / Ensemble — Zolani Shangase

Ensemble — Cilla Silvia

Ensemble — Ernestine Stuurman

Seamus O’Rourke — Noel Sullivan

Donkeyman / Ensemble — Joshua Tonks

Bosun / Ensemble — Adam Vaughan

Arwyn — Ian Virgo

Ensemble — Emma Warren

Ensemble — Stephanie Webber


Music by — Daf James

Book and Lyrics — Michael Williams

Director — Melly Still

Co-Director — Max Barton

Designer — Anna Fleischle

Lighting Designer — Joshua Carr

Sound Designer — Christopher Shutt

Music Supervisor and Musical Director — David Mahoney

Choreographer — Melody Squire

Casting Director — Jim Arnold CDG for Pippa Ailion Casting

Additional Casting — Charlotte Sutton CDG

Producer — Maris Lyons

Executive Producer — Pádraig Cusack

Additional Welsh Lyrics — Daf James

Associate Director — Shelley Adriaanzen, Richard Tunley

Associate Designer — Loukia Minetou

Associate Lighting Designer — Peter Small

Associate Sound Designer — Greg Pink

Associate Choreographer — Lungelo Ngamlana

Fight Director — Kev McCurdy

Voice Coach — Nia Lynn

Orchestrations — Jeff Howard

Additional Orchestrations — Nathan Jones

Costume Supervisor — Natasha Prynne

Production Manager — David Evans

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